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Meeting Type:
Board of Education Meeting
Terryville High School Cafeteria
11/10/2010 7:00:00 PM

United In Our Commitment to Excellence in Education

The Plymouth Public Schools’ mission is to ensure that all students learn to the best of their abilities. 

We support their growth into knowledgeable, skilled, and contributing citizens capable of succeeding in their

work, personal, and family lives.

Plymouth Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Terryville High School Cafeteria


Present: Board: Mr. Raymond Engle, Mr. Mark Berube, Mr. Anthony Orsini,Mr. Patrick Perugino, Mrs. Karen Kulesa, Mr. Gerard Bourbonniere,Mrs. Roxanne Perugino, Mr. Martin Wetzel and Mr. Daniel Santorso

Administrators: Dr. Distasio, Superintendent; Mr. Lovely, Director of Curriculum & Instruction; Mr. Santogatta, Business Manager; Mr. Meehan, Director of Pupil Personnel & Special Education; and Mr. Trudeau, Director of Technology


Mr. Perugino called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. The group joined in the Pledge to the Flag.


MOTION: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion Martin Wetzel, seconded Roxanne Perugino, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the minutes of the regular meeting of October 13, 2010. Motion Martin Wetzel, seconded Roxanne Perugino motion passed unanimously.


The presentation for November was the introduction of the CAPSS Superintendent/Student Award Recipients by each of the school principals. These students were selected for their academic prowness, school citizenship, and community service. Each of these students is an excellent representative of their respective schools and great examples for their peers. The students and their parents will be attending a dinner at the Cornucopia in Torrington on November 18, 2010.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 2 November 10, 2010 Minutes

Congratulations to:

Harry S. Fisher Elementary School Plymouth Center School

Maria Cesare Sarah Bourn

Eli Terry Jr. Middle School Terryville High School

Maranda Gallo Lauren White

Cedric Clift Adam Armbruster

At this time, Mr. Perugino called for the following motion:

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 7:13 p.m. for a brief reception for our award winners. Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Gerard Bourbonniere, motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To return to regular session at 7:27 p.m. Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Martin Wetzel, motion passed unanimously.




Mr. Perugino and Dr. Distasio were informed that the Plymouth Board of Education is the recipient of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education Leadership Award. They will be presented with the award on November 19, 2010 at the CABE/CAPSS Convention to be held at the Mystic Marriott Hotel in Groton. The ceremony will take place at 4:45 p.m. This award provides recognition with respect to the excellent leadership the Plymouth Board of Education provides to the school district and its education programs. Many congratulations, award well deserved.


A. Graduation Requirements Policy 6146

Both Policy and Curriculum Subcommittees discussed the current graduation requirements for students at Terryville High School. Currently, students are required to successfully complete 23 credits to graduate. The subcommittees are recommending to the full Board that the following language be added to the policy concerning the Alternative High School Program: Beginning with the class of

Plymouth Board of Education Page 3 November 10, 2010 Minutes

2011, students participating in the Terryville High School alternative high school program will need to successfully complete twenty (20) credits. It was also proposed that students who successfully complete the program receive a diploma which would indicate the diploma to be from the Alternative High School Program.

Therefore, the Policy and Curriculum Subcommittees recommend the following motion to the full Board.

MOTION: To accept the following revision to Policy 6146, Graduation Requirements by adding the following language to the policy concerning the Alternative High School Program “Beginning with the class of 2011, students participating in the Terryville High School alternative high school program will need to successfully complete twenty (20) credits”. Motion Daniel Santorso, seconded Anthony Orsini motion passed unanimously.


A. Appointments

MOTION: To appoint Cheryl Bourn to the position of paraprofessional at Plymouth Center School effective November 12, 2010. Motion Gerard Bourbonniere, seconded Roxanne Perugino motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To appointment the following individuals to coaching positions at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School for the winter season of 2011: Mark Sconziano, Girls’ Basketball; Jerry Curtiss, Boys’ Basketball; and Dawn Alarcon, Cheerleading.

Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Karen Kulesa motion passed unanimously.

 MOTION: To appoint Tatum Sherwood, Cheerleading Coach at Terryville High School for the winter season. Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Daniel Santorso, motion passed unanimously.

B. Resignation

Dr. Distasio accepted the following resignations: Traci Oaks, Paraprofessional at Plymouth Center School, effective October 29, 2010; Edward Hawrylik, Science Teacher at Terryville High School effective November 30, 2010 and Meg Procella, English Teacher at Terryville High School effective December 10, 2010.

C. Appointments.

MOTION: To appoint David Goodwin to represent Terryville on the Agricultural Education Advisory Committee for a three year term. Motion Roxanne Perugino seconded Gerard Bourbonniere motion passed unanimously.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 4 November 10, 2010 Minutes


A. Curriculum  - Mrs. Kulesa

Mrs. Kulesa reported the Curriculum Subcommittee met on November 3, 2010. The following items were discussed: (a) suggested changes to the current alternative education program which will be presented to the full Board for their approval; and (b) the implementation of the University of Connecticut college credit program which will be instituted beginning in the 2011-2012 school years. Students would be able to take UConn accredited courses at the high school and upon successful completion of the course(s) they would earn college credits.

B. Facilities  – Mr. Engle

The fields look to be in good condition, the roof at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School is complete and a meeting will be scheduled to address plaque recommendations.

C. Finance – Mr. Bourbonniere

Mr. Bourbonniere reported that the Finance Sub-Committee met prior to the Board of Education Meeting. The October accounts by facilities report was reviewed and will be forwarded to the Town of Plymouth Board of Finance.

D. Negotiations – Mr. Wetzel

No report at this time. However, negotiations with the Nurses will begin in January of 2011.

E. Personnel – Mrs. Perugino

Mrs. Perugino reported all matters were addressed under New Business.

F. Policy – Mr. Berube

Mr. Berube reported all matters were addressed under Old Business. However, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the following: Sexting; Social Networking and Cyber Bullying.

G. Safety & Transportation - Mr. Orsini

No issues. Buses are moving smoothly and safely.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 5 November 10, 2010 Minutes

H. Education Connection – Mrs. Kulesa

At the November Meeting a discussion took place to have Education Connection explore the possibility of creating a Forum for Board of Education Members to come together and discuss topics of interest to all and to get feedback and ideas from one another. It was suggested that all Board Members be invited to attend. Dr. Thiboudeau will look into this suggestion.

I. Student Representatives

Michael Mastracchio reported on the following events:

(a)Spirit Week ended with a Pep Rally which acknowledged students who met goal on 3 or more levels of the CAPT ( Connecticut Academic PerformanceTest). Over 60 students received this award. (b) Thank you to Mrs. Radke for being our water balloon machine victim. All proceeds went to the Zukowski School Foundation.

(c) Drama Club will be presenting Sleeping Beauty in March. Cast: Cody Norton – Prince Edward; Brittany Mulcahy – Sleeping Beauty; Choreography – Kate Mangassarian and Student Director – Audrey Morrell. and (d) November 20, Drama Club to attend a production of the Adams Family.

Tyler Tarnowicz reported on the following events:

(a)Spirit Week, Homecoming and Red Ribbon Week are concluded. Over 180 students attended the Homecoming Dance and approximately 200 attended the bonfire. (b) special guest speakers during Red Ribbon Week – Rudy Ruettiger from the movie “Rudy”; and “Feel the Power” by John Pritkin. The intention of both speakers was to motivate students to make positive, future shaping choices.

(c) the following helped to make Spirit Week a success, so thank you to: School-to-Career, Terryville High School Faculty & Staff, Plymouth Police Department, Plymouth Local Prevention Council; the Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps and the Terryville Lyons Club.

Bryan Kamens reported on the following:

(a) congratulations to the fall sports teams on a good season and to the Lady Roos Volleyball Team Berkshire League Champs. Quarterfinals game, Friday, November 12th against Morgan High in Clinton. The winner will advance to the State Championship on Saturday. (b) winter sports (wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, majorettes, and indoor track) begin with Midnight Madness kickoff on December 3. (c) Thank you to the Leos and all who helped out at the Haunted House at the fair grounds. (d) the Leo Coat Drive will end the week of Thanksgiving. Coat Drive Boxes are available at all of the schools and at Town Hall for anyone wishing to make a donation.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 6 November 10, 2010 Minutes


Mr. Trudeau, Director of Technology

Mr. Trudeau commended Mr. Oleksiw for doing a great job; the Video Club is growing and thank you to the students who made tonight’s broadcast possible.

Mr. Meehan, Director of Pupil Personnel

The new program for the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) Management is a great success.

Mr. Lovely – Director of Curriculum and Instruction & District Administrator in Charge

Open House & Tour for the Waterbury Arts Magnet School

(a) November 17, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

(b) November 20, 2010 from 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Applications will be available on November 23, 2010 and are due no later than January 13, 2010 @ 2 p.m.

Mr. Santogatta, Business Manager

Mr. Santogatta reported the October expenditures were reviewed at the Finance Subcommittee Meeting. 

Dr. Distasio, Superintendent

Dr. Distasio thanked everyone who supported his “Kiss a Pig” campaign which was sponsored by the Imagination Museum. The money raised goes to the museum and the programs it helps provide to the area school districts. He also thanked his campaign manager, Mrs. Aiudi, and everyone that help with this event.

October 25th was Red Ribbon Week at all of the schools. The week events focused on drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention in the school district. There were a myriad of events, speakers and programs. One of the high-lights was an assembly on October 27 at Terryville High School provided by Rudy Ruettiger from the movie, “Rudy” and the performance by the Hartford Arts Magnet School improve group which took place at the middle and high schools. At the elementary level, Harry S.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 November 10, 2010 Minutes

Fisher Elementary School had a visit from players from the Red Stars Professional Soccer Team.

Dr. Distasio thanked Mr. Hamzy and Mr. Colapietro for their service to the students of Plymouth during their term in office. In the upcoming months, he looks forward to developing the same relationship with Mr. Betts and Mr. Welch.

Congratulations to Zack Johnson, a student at Harry S. Fisher Elementary School for making the National Team in gymnastics.

Dr. Distasio recognized our troops overseas and the Veterans who have served our country.

A reminder to parents, (a) there will be no school on Thursday, November 11 in observance of Veteran’s Day; (b) there will be a half day of school on November 23; and (c) No school on November 24, 25 & 26.

A wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday to all.

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items


12. Board Liaisons to Schools

Mrs. Perugino – Harry S. Fisher Elementary School

November 13 Vendor/Craft Fair (10 a.m. – 3 p.m

November 16 PTA Meeting (7 p.m.)

Mr. Engle – Plymouth Center School

PTA currently has 110 members

The school store is in need of volunteers.

November 12 Kindergarten Book Club

November 19 Bingo Night @ 6:30 p.m.in the cafeteria

November 22 & 22 Holiday Fair (ornaments)

January 21 Movie Night

The Science Club is working with the second grade.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 8 November 10, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Orsini– Eli Terry Jr. Middle School

Highlights from the November 4 PTA Meeting

Fundraising Committee (ideas for possible fundraisers)

Holiday Ornaments, Water Bottles, Plastic Washable Sandwich Bags, Breakfast at Applebees, Carnation Sale, and a Pizza Night.

Enrichment Committee – discussed activities to take place in the spring.

Hospitality Committee – Planning of teacher/staff breakfast/luncheon.

Mr. Orsini reported that Red Ribbon Week Activities went well. The National Guard Helicopter cancelled due to problems with the helicopter but has been rescheduled for November 19th at 1:30 p.m. Per Mr. Travers, 1stquarter report cards are ready to be issued. The Crisis Drill on October 14 went very well. The assembly for students by the Hartford Arts Magnet School Improv Group was very successful. The Feel the Power Program was a tremendous success.

October 29 8th graders went to Salem, MA

November 1,3,4 Early Dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 2 Teachers In Service

November 5 Oliver Wolcott Technical School visit to speak with 8th graders

November 10 7th grade Rotary Luncheon

November 12 Picture Make-Ups

November 18 Project Poetry Performance for 7th grade students from 9:30 a.m. – noon

November 23 Early dismissal for students

November 29 2nd Trimester

December 2 Next PTA Meeting @ 7 p.m.

Mr. Bourbonniere – Terryville High School-PTSA/After Grad Committee

The meeting took place on November 2 at Terryville High School in the cafeteria.

Some of the items discussed on the PTA Agenda

PTA Council update by Mrs. Mitnick. Pasta Dinner Cancelled due to lack of interest. Looking at possibly rescheduling at a later date.

Reflections Program – Ms. Block is the representative from Terryville High School. A spelling bee is scheduled to take place for 5 grade students at both of the

Plymouth Board of Education Page 9 November 10, 2010 Minutes

elementary schools some time at the end of February or the beginning of April. More information to follow.

Red Ribbon Week Events – (a) Monday – Friday each class was involved in Wall Wars, (b) Sports Day; (c) Back in the Day; (d) Twin Day; (e) Bonfire – Thank you to the Terryville Staff Members for their school spirit; (f) Spirit Day; and (g) school dance.

After Grad Committee

(a) looking at a location in Shelton for the After Grade Party; (b) November 11, Comedy Night (PG 13) $10 for adults, $5 for middle & high school students or $25 for a family of 4 pack. Babysitting services will be available for the younger children. (c) Bowling Night – Wolcott Lanes on December 6; (d) Bingo Night on January 21st with a snow date of January 28th; and (e) bottle drive to coincide with the super bowl.

Mr. Berube – SEPTA – (Special Education Parent Teacher Association)

The SEPTA Meeting was held on October 21 at the Plymouth Town Hall in the Community Room. The month’s presentation was by FOCUS Alternative Learning Center based out of Canton. FOCUS specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents who are on the Autism Spectrum. These individuals shared their anxiety disorders and social learning difficulties and how these experiences and disorders impact their lives at home, in school and in the community.

Mr. Orsini – CABE

On October 20th, Mr. Orsini and Dr. Distasio attended a workshop at the Crown Plaza in Cromwell from 9 a.m. – 12 noon. The topic was Social Networking in our Public Schools”. This was an enlightening and beneficial experience.

Dr. Distasio - PTA Council

Dr.Distasio reported that the PTA Council met on October 20, 2010. The Pasta Dinner has been cancelled. The Spelling Bee is being planned for later this year. Mrs. Daigle is in the process of organizing a male involvement committee in an attempt to get more males involved in the PTA’s. Please support our PTA’s and the PTSA Council.

14. Final Board Comments

Mrs. Perugino – Congratulations to the Girls’ Volleyball Team and Zack Johnson on their accomplishments. Happy Thanksgiving

Mr. Wetzel – Urges anyone who has not gone to a presentation by FOCUS to attend. It will prove very worthwhile. Congratulations to all of the six students on their accomplishments. Happy Thanksgiving.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 10 November 10, 2010 Minutes

Mrs. Kulesa – Very thankful to be working with everyone. We have the best students, staff and administrators in the State of Connecticut.

Mr. Berube – Attended Family Literacy Night with his grandchildren. Amazing job by teachers and principals. It was a great night for family and kids.

Mr. Orsini – Congratulations to the students and parents on a job well done.

Mr. Perugino – Thank you Mr. Zagurski on your 3 year term at Wamogo, congratulations to the Girls’ Volleyball Team, Zack Johnson, students and Board Members. The award from CABE is a reflection on the whole system.

15. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Perugino stated that the next regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on December 8, 2010 at 7 p.m. at Terryville High School.

16. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m. Motion Ray Engle, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Gerard Bourbonniere


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