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Meeting Type: Board of Education Meeting
Location: Terryville High School Cafeteria
12/14/2005 7:00:00 PM

Plymouth Board of Education
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Terryville High School Cafeteria


Board: Daniel Gentile, Leonard Morgan, Patrick Perugino, Lisbeth Leonhardt, Jennifer Zalaski, Velma McConnell, Martin Wetzel, Michelle Spencer and Raymond Engle.

Administrators: Dr. Distasio, Gerry Perusse, Keith Rafaniello, Carol Doiron and
Peter Lovely


Mr. Engle called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. The group joined in the Pledge to the Flag.


MOTION: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Martin Wetzel, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November 9, 2005. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Daniel Gentile, motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve the minutes of the special meeting of November 22, 2005. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Martin Wetzel, motion passed unanimously.


The “Fresh Start Program” is a new program that was introduced at Terryville High School this year. Juniors and Seniors serve as mentors for freshmen. Students explained to Board Members how the program works and presented an activity. The following individuals took part in the activity: Board Members, Daniel Gentile and Lisbeth Leonhardt; Administrators, Dr. Distasio, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Lovely, Director of Curriculum & Instruction; students, Jennifer Dutkiewicz, Kaitlin Palance and Sean Link.
Plymouth Board of Education Page 2 December 14, 2005

At this time, Mr. Engle called for a Motion for a short recess at 7:19 p.m. in order to choose chairs for the following subcommittees: Safety/Transportation, Facilities, Negotiations, Policy and a liaison to Education Connection. Motion Leonard Morgan, seconded Velma McConnell motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Engle called for a Motion to return to regular session at 7:25 p.m. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Leonard Morgan.

Mr. Engle announced the following individuals were chosen as subcommittee chairs: Mrs. Spencer, Safety/Transportation; Mr. Gentile, Facilities; Mrs. McConnell, Negotiations; Mrs. Zalaski, Policy and Mrs. Zalaski, liaison to Education Connection. The following individuals were appointed subcommittee chairs at their subcommittee meetings: Mrs. Leonhardt, Curriculum; Mr. Gentile, Finance and Mr. Perugino, Personnel.






The policies for revision were discussed at the last Board of Education meeting and were enclosed in member Board packets for review. Dr. Distasio made the following recommendations:

MOTION: To revise Policy 7551, Naming of Facilities, to provide guidelines for whom fields and facilities should be named as well as who should be part of the selection process. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Patrick Perugino motion passed unanimously.

Recommendation: To revise Policy 4112.8/4212.8, Nepotism, to limit the policy to the following: “…will not appoint a member of the immediate family of a Board member, nor of an administrator, to any full-time employment position in this school system, and directs that no person who is a member of the immediate family of a Board member or administrator shall be placed in nomination for any full-time vacant position.”

Plymouth Board of Education Page 3 December 14, 2005

Mr. Gentile made the following motion:

MOTION: To take the motion to revise Policy 4112.8/4212.8 off the table and asked for a meeting of the Policy Subcommittee to review the superintendent’s recommendation since are some new members on this subcommittee. Motion Daniel Gentile, seconded Patrick Perugino motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve a new policy 4139/4239 concerning the staff’s use of the districts computer system. Motion Velma McConnell seconded Leonard Morgan motion passed unanimously.


A. Appointments

MOTION: To appoint Paul Carobini to the position of Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach at Terryville High School for the winter season. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Velma McConnell motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To appoint Beverly Studer to the position of part-time paraprofessional at Plymouth Center School beginning December 15, 2005. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To appoint Devon Smart to the position of English teacher at Terryville High School beginning January 3, 2006. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Velma McConnell motion passed unanimously.

B. Out-of-State Field Trip

MOTION: To approve the trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts for grade 5 students at Plymouth Center School for Thursday, May 4, 2006 as part of their work on colonization and settlement. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Daniel Gentile motion passed unanimously.

C. Notification of Resignations

Dr. Distasio has accepted the following resignations: Mrs. Mary Barbieri, World Language teacher at Terryville High School for the purpose of retirement effective June 30, 2006; Mrs. Barbara Cook, Language Arts teacher at Harry S. Fisher Middle School for the purpose of retirement effective June 30, 2006; and Mr. David Denis, Language Arts teacher at Terryville High School effective December 12, 2005.

Dr. Distasio thanked all three teachers for their years of dedicated service to the children of Plymouth.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 4 December 14, 2005


A. Curriculum – Lisbeth Leonhardt, Chair

The Curriculum Subcommittee met on December 7, 2005. Dr. Distasio called the meeting to order. The first order of business was to elect a subcommittee chair. Mrs. Lisbeth Leonhardt was unanimously elected. Mrs. Leonhardt took over the meeting.

The December meeting focused on a review of the following topics in order to update new members: Those topics were: District and School Improvement Plans; Textbook replacement cycle; Title 1 (No Child Left Behind); Connecticut Mastery Test; Connecticut Academic Performance Test; Strategic School Profiles; Virtual High School and the Summer School Programs for grades 3 through 5; 6 through 8; and 9 & 10.

B. Facilities –- Daniel Gentile, Chair

Mr. Gentile called upon Mr. Engle for a report this month.

Mr. Engle reported the bids for the new high school are due on December 20th and December 21st, 2005. There will be a Town Meeting on December 21st at Town Hall to approve the roofs at Main Street and Prospect Street School. As a reminder, the regular meetings of the School Building Committee are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Senior Lounge Room at Town Hall.

C. Finance – Daniel Gentile, Chair

The Finance Sub-Committee met prior to the Board of Education Meeting. The account by facilities report for November was reviewed and will be forwarded to the Town of Plymouth Board of Finance.

MOTION: To approve the one transfer for the month of November.
Motion: Velma McConnell, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

D. Negotiations – Velma McConnell, Chair

The PEA Contract (Plymouth Education Association) has been approved by the Board and will be filed with the Town Clerk’s Office on December 15, 2005. There will be a Special Town Council Meting on January 3, 2006 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall to discuss the contract with the Town Council and the Mayor.

E. Personnel – Patrick Perugino, Chair

Mr. Perugino reported the Personnel Sub-Committee met with the Superintendent prior to the Board meeting and approved of all of his appointments.
Plymouth Board of Education Page 5 December 14, 2005

F. Policy – Jennifer Zalaski, Chair

All items were addressed under old business.

G. Safety & Transportation - Michelle Spencer, Chair

No Report

H. Education Connection - Jennifer Zalaski, Liaison

No Report

I. Student Representatives

Jennifer Dutkiewicz - In sports: the Boys Basketball season opener will be played against Housatonic on December 14th; the Boys Wrestling Team will have their first meet against Granby on December 14th; and the Girls Basketball Team will play their 4th game at home against Nonnewaug on December 16th.

Forty-eight new members were installed in the Leo Club; the Leo Club held a toy and food drive and Lion Club members will distribute the items.

Sean Link – The Winter Concert will be held on December 15th, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at Terryville High School; The Booster Club had a successful fundraiser featuring the Harlem Wizards on December 2; and the first edition of the Roos News was released and is on sale for 10 cents at the high school. The Roos News can be viewed on line at www.ply.k12.ct.us.

Kaitlin Palance – The following students were named All State/All Berkshire League Players: Volleyball – Bianna Kleckner, 1st team All Berkshire League; 1st team All State; Kym Molaskey, 1st team All Berkshire League, 2nd team All State; and Latasha Bazillo, 2nd team All Berkshire League, 2nd team All State; Boy’s Soccer – Mitch Bilodeau, 1st team All Berkshire League, 1st team All State; Josh Hubbard, 1st team All Berkshire League; and Mike Anderson, 2nd team All Berkshire League; Girl’s Soccer – Jen Dutkiewicz, 1st team All Berkshire League, 1st team All State; Kristi Bilodeau, 2nd team All Berkshire League; and Danielle Bartlett, 2nd team All Berkshire League; and Boy’s Cross Country – Tony Blekis, 1st team All Berkshire League.

The Leo Club together with the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce hosted Santa Day at the public library. Future Business Leaders of America are collecting toys for the children’s hospital and are selling candy grams to give to the food pantry. Poinsettia
Plants are available in the high school office and may be purchase for $10 each.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 6 December 14, 2005


Mrs. Doiron, Director of Pupil Personnel/District Administrator in Charge

Mrs. Doiron welcomed new Board Members and invited new and current Board members to take a tour of any of the five schools to see the Special Education program. Much inclusion and differentiated instruction is taking place. Board Members may call her office at 314-8003 or the Superintendent’s Office at 314-8004 to make arrangements.

Mr. Lovely – Director of Curriculum and Instruction

No Report

Mr. Rafaniello, Director of Technology

Training classes will take place during the vacation on Wednesday, December 28th at the Terryville High School library on Microsoft Excel. This program helps to calculate and sort data. Teachers, staff and administrators will be in attendance. Interest was overwhelming. We will be offering other training sessions in the future on Saturdays and February vacation.

Thank you to Ms. Block, coordinator and tonight’s crew for taping the Board of Education Meeting.

Mr. Perusse, Business Manager

Dugouts have been installed at Main Street School and Harry S. Fisher Middle School fields. Metal roofs at Main Street and Prospect Street Schools will be put on by the Board of Education; and the Audit Report has been distributed to Board Members. If Board Members have any questions on the Audit Report they may contact Mr. Perusse.

Dr. Distasio, Superintendent

Dr. Distasio discussed some of the events taking place at the various schools:

Prospect Street/Main Street; and Plymouth Center Schools

The PTA is sponsoring its annual Reflections Program on visual arts, literature, music, and photography; this year’s theme “I Wonder Why”; deadline for entries is December 16th; and rules can be obtained at the schools.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 December 14, 2005

Harry S. Fisher Middle School

Congratulations to Megan Scanlon for qualifying to go to the National Junior Olympics, Cross Country Competition on December 10th at Bryant College. Congratulations to the following students who participated in the New England Competition: Brad Anderson, Sarah Casola, Samantha Hanlon, Tyler Raymond, and Josh Rivard.

Terryville High School

Congratulations to Sean Link for receiving the very prestigious William Randolph Hearst Award. Sean will attend the annual United States Senate Youth Program to be held in Washington, D.C. from March 4 – 11, 2006, experiencing national government in action. He will be awarded a $5,000 college scholarship for undergraduate studies. All expenses for the Washington week, including transportation, hotel accommodations and meals will be paid for by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

The Leo Club of Terryville High School inducted over 40 students on Tuesday, December 6th. This brings the total membership of the Leo Club to 78 students. The Leo Club is a student organization of the Lion’s Club of Terryville. It focuses on a variety of community and civic activities which serves as part of the students 30 hours of community service which is required for graduation. Dr. Distasio thanked the following individuals for organizing and supervising the Leo Club: Deb McGraine, Linda Konopask and Lisa Aiudi.

Kim Molaskey, a senior at Terryville High School was named Athlete of the Week in this past weeks Bristol Press. Kym scored 42 points in the first two games of the season for the Roos Basketball team.

The new school resource officer is based at Terryville High School.

All Schools

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Plymouth Public Schools participated in Toy and Food Drives.

Report cards were issued to students at the elementary students on December 7th.

Parents, school closings, late openings, and early dismissals will be broadcast over cable Channel 16, and the major television and radio stations.

The winter break will be from December 26th through January 2nd, 2006. Classes will resume on January 3rd, 2006. The Plymouth Board of Education wishes to express their best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 8 December 14, 2005

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items


12. Business of the Board

Mr. Engle asked members to submit suggestions and ideas to modify this portion of the agenda in order to make it more useful. Members may submit their suggestions or ideas to Dr. Distasio or Mr. Engle.

Mr. Morgan – No Comments

Mrs. Spencer – thank you to Terryville High School Students: Jen Dutkiewicz, Sean Link and Kaitlin Palance for tonight’s Fresh Start Presentation. Congratulations to Sean Link on receiving the William Randolph Hearst Award.

Mr. Wetzel – Thank you to all our young people. The Leo Club is a great organization in which to become involved.

Mrs. Leonhardt - congratulations to Sean Link and Kym Molaskey, athlete of the week and Happy Holidays.

Mr. Perugino – congratulations to Sean Link; Leo Club members; and student athletes. To anyone who has some extra time, look into becoming a Mentor. Contact the main office for more information. Have a Nice Holiday.

Mrs. Zalaski – congratulations to Sean Link; the students involved in the Fresh Start Program; and Happy Holidays.

Mrs. McConnell - attended the Wizard’s Basketball Game, good time was had by all; congratulations to all students and athletes on their accomplishments; Harry S. Fisher Middle School Chorus Concert was held on December 13th and was enjoyable; and the Fresh Start Program looks fantastic.

Mr. Gentile – Dr. Distasio appeared on NBC with respect to the mentor program; congratulations to all the student athletes; as always we regret accepting resignations but wish those the best in their future endeavors; and Happy Holidays. Mr. Schwanka held Cross Country Awards Night earlier this week. Mr. Gentile inquired about Board

Plymouth Board of Education Page 9 December 14, 2005

Policies being given to the Members. Dr. Distasio explained the policies are on disc and he is just waiting for the Nepotism Policy to be approved before distributing to members.

Mr. Engle – Congratulations to all students and Sean Link. We need to look at liaisons for the schools, PTA, and PTA Council. Dr. Distasio to send out a form to all Board Members to complete and return. The form should indicate the dates the PTA‘s meet.

13. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Engle stated that the next Regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on January 11, 2006 at 7 p.m. Terryville High School cafeteria.

14. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 8:03 p.m. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded
Martin Wetzel, motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Perugino

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