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Meeting Type:
Board of Education Meeting
Terryville High School Cafeteria
2/11/2009 7:00:00 PM

Plymouth Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Terryville High School Cafeteria


Board: Ray Engle, Patrick Perugino, Roxanne Perugino, Gerard Bourbonniere,
Karen Kulesa, Dan Gentile, Martin Wetzel and Jennifer Zalaski

Excused Absence: Lenny Morgan

Administrators: Dr. Anthony W. Distasio, Superintendent, Michael Santogatta,
Business Manager; Peter Lovely, Director of Curriculum & Instruction,
Thomas Meehan, Director of Pupil Personnel & Special Education and Richard
Trudeau, Director of Technology


Mr. Engle called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The group joined in the
Pledge to the Flag.


MOTION: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion Martin Wetzel, seconded
Patrick Perugino, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the minutes of the regular meeting of January 14, 2009.
Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Gerard Bourbonniere motion passed unanimously.


This month’s presentation entitled “Project Poetry Live!” was by Eli Terry Jr.
Middle School. Project Poetry Live is a 14 year old, year-round inter-district
arts education program. It focuses on 7th grade students in Connecticut. The
goal is to bring performing arts to young people from every background and to
bring students together to work together to create artistic products. Its goal
is to lessen racial barriers and create tolerance among young people by joining
them with peers from different schools and district.




Dr. Distasio shared a letter he sent to State Representative William Hamzy
which listed several ideas he thought would be helpful to the Plymouth School
District in saving money during budget times.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 2 February 11, 2009 Minutes




A. Appointments

MOTION: To approve the appointment of Kathy Brown to the position of Junior
Class Advisor at Terryville High School for the remainder of the school year,
and Jacqueline Cook to the position of Majorettes Advisor at Terryville High
School for this school year. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Martin Wetzel
motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve the appointment of the following coaching positions at
Terryville High School: Paul Helinski, Varsity Baseball; A. J. Sirriani, Jr.
Varsity Baseball; Linda Farrington, Boy’s Volleyball; Rich Keator, Boy’s Volleyball;
Ray Lapinski, Girl’s Track; Jeff Foulds, Boy’s Track; Chris Perkins, Boy’s Track;
Angie Suffridge, Varsity Softball; Stephanie Konopaske, Jr. Varsity Softball; and Tom Morgan, Golf. 

Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Gerard Bourbonniere motion passed unanimously.

B. Out-of-State Field Trip

MOTION: To approve the trip to the Bronx Zoo for grade 6 students at Eli Terry
Jr. Middle School for June 10, 2009. Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Dan Gentile
motion passed unanimously.


A. Curriculum – Mrs. Kulesa, Chair

The Curriculum Subcommittee met on February 4, 2009. The following items were
addressed: (1) March CMT/CAPT Testing – (a) CMT State-Wide Testing date for
Direct Assessment of Writing- Monday, March 2nd; (b) CAPT State-Wide Testing
Date for Interdisciplinary Writing I – March 3rd; (c) Response to Literature –
March 4th; (d) Interdisciplinary Writing II – March 5th; and (e) New Test –
Modified Assessment System – special education students, designed for students
who are significantly below academically; (2) Virtual High School – enrollment
for 1st semester – 5 students, 2nd semester – 8 students; Plymouth will not be
participating in Connecticut Virtual High School Program due to increases in
program costs by CSDE; and (3) Proposed New Courses at Terryville High School-a pilot Health Program at Terryville High School is being conducted for grade 10students due to the Drug Free Community Grant. The subcommittee approved bringing to the full Board for its approval, a level 3 course, “Topics in Science”.

MOTION: To approve a level 3 course, “Topics in Science” for grade 11 and 12
students at Terryville High School. Motion Gerard Bourbonniere, seconded Martin
Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 3 February 11, 2009 Minutes

B. Facilities – Mr. Perugino, Chair

The Facilities Subcommittee met on Monday, February 9, 2009 and discussed the
following items: (1) Energy Education – presentation regarding energy audits
in school districts and the possible money that can be saved in our district
with this program; (2) construction of a Butterfly Garden at Plymouth Center
School; and (3) a proposal by the Booster Club at Terryville High School to
install scoreboards.

MOTION: To approve an energy savings program from Energy Education which is
an energy savings program that is designed to reduce energy consumption in
the district over the course of the next 10 years. This program is at no cost
to the district. Motion Karen Kulesa, seconded Roxanne Perugino. At this time
the chair requested a roll call: Mr. Perugino, Mrs. Zalaski, Mrs. Kulesa,
Mrs. Perugino, Mr. Bourbonniere, Mr.Wetzel and Mr. Gentile all voted in favor
of the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve the Booster Club bringing the project of the scoreboards
for the baseball and softball fields at the new high school forward to the
Building Committee and then to Planning & Zoning. Motion Gerard Bourbonniere,
seconded Roxanne Perugino. All voted in favor of the motion. Motion passed

C. Finance Subcommittee – Mr. Gentile, Chair

Mr. Gentile reported the Finance Subcommittee met on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, reviewed the Accounts by Facilities Report for the month of January and moved that it be forwarded to the Town of Plymouth Board of Finance.

MOTION: To approve transfers reviewed by the Finance Subcommittee on February 10, 2009. Motion Martin Wetzel, seconded Roxanne Perugino motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve a recommended increase of 1.3% over the current Board of
Education Budget for a total figure of $22,696,825 to the Plymouth Board of
Finance for their approval for the fiscal year 2009 – 2010. Motion Martin Wetzel,
seconded Roxanne Perugino. At this time, the chair requested a roll call:
Mrs. Perugino, Mr. Bourbonniere, Mr. Wetzel, Mr. Gentile, Mr. Perugino,
Mrs. Zalaski and Mrs. Kulesa all voted in favor of the motion. Motion passed

Appreciation was expressed to the administrators and all individuals involved
in preparing this year’s budget.

D. Negotiations – Mr. Perugino, Chair

No Report

Plymouth Board of Education Page 4 February 11, 2009 Minutes

E. Personnel - Mrs. Perugino, Chair

Mrs. Perugino reported that the Personnel Subcommittee met with the
Superintendent prior to the Board meeting and all matters were covered under
new business.

F. Policy - Mrs. Zalaski, Chair

No Report

G. Safety & Transportation - Mr. Wetzel, Chair

No Report

H. Education Connection – Mrs. Kulesa

Mrs. Kulesa reported she attended a meeting on February 5, 2009. The following
items were discussed: (a) financial reports for Education Connection;
(b) presentation of communications award from CABE to Education;
(c) governor’s proposed budget; and (d) partial list of other town’s proposed
budget increase – 8.5% being the high and 1.32% being the low.

I. Student Representatives

Aubrey McCarthy – February 12, 2009 – Leo Club Installation
March 21, 2009 – Leo Club Pasta Supper
March 29, 2009 – Easter Bunny Breakfast – 8:30 a.m. &
Easter Egg Hunt to benefit St. Judes

Alexis Cordone – Week of February 9, 2009 (all week) – Terryville High
School Spirit Week
Forming of Spirit Club under the direction of Mrs. Farrington
February 12, 2009 – Pep Rally
Student Council – recycling bins

Eylse Santorso – February 11, 2009 – wrestling match with Portland/record
16 – 9
Basketball record – 15 – 0
Pre-season training for track has started
March 20, 2009 – play – Alice in Wonderland

Plymouth Board of Education Page 5 February 11, 2009 Minutes


Mr. Meehan, Director of Pupil Personnel

A new test, the Modified Assessment System (MAS) has been designed for special
education students who are significantly below academically. An extensive review
checklist must be completed before a student can be selected to participate in
this testing.

Mr. Lovely – Director of Curriculum and Instruction/District Administrator
in Charge

Mr. Lovely reported the following: (a) Maloney and Rotella Magnet School applications are due on March 13, 2009 @ 4 p.m. (lottery to be held April 7th); (b) WAMS (Waterbury Arts Magnet School) applications became available on February 9, 2009 and will close on March 19, 2009 @ 2 p.m. (lottery to be held mid April). (c) requested permission to apply for the “Career And Technical Education Innovation Grant (purpose: to increase academic rigor and skill attainment of secondary students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs and the development of individual student success plans.

MOTION: To apply for the Career and Technical Education Innovation Grant.
Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Karen Kulesa motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Trudeau - Director of Technology

Mr. Trudeau thanked Brian Luba, Jeff Telke and Connor Raymond for not only televising tonight’s
Board of Education meeting but also the wrestling match.

Mr. Santogatta - Business Manager

Mr. Santogatta addressed the following items: (a) high school utility account and custodial maintenance accounts are being closely monitored; and (b) during the week of February vacation the following projects will be addressed – painting at Harry S. Fisher Elementary School and at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School the carpeting in the chorus room will be replaced by installing vinyl tile.

Dr. Distasio, Superintendent

Dr. Distasio reviewed the following items: during the month of March, students in grades 3 – 8 will be taking the CMT (Connecticut Mastery Test); students in grade 10 will be taking the CAPT (Connecticut Academic Performance Test); CABE will be presenting an award to the Board of Education regarding technology as it applies to the website; Core Mission: Strong academics; strong visual and performing arts, strong athletics and a strong sense of community; and February vacation will be held the week of February 16th – 20th, 2009;

Plymouth Board of Education Page 6 February 11, 2009 Minutes

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items


12. Board Liaisons to Schools

Mr. Perugino – Harry S. Fisher Elementary School

PTA Meetings will now begin at 6:45 p.m. Hopefully, the new time will make it more convenient for parents to attend.

February 11, 2009 – Chuck E. Cheese Family Night

Mrs. Zalaski – Terryville High School

No Report – next meeting to take place in March

Mr. Engle – Plymouth Center School

No Report

 Mr. Gentile– SEPTA – (Special Education Parent Teacher Association)

No Report

Mr. Wetzel – Eli Terry Jr. Middle School
No Report

Dr. Distasio – PTA Council

No Report

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 February 11, 2009 Minutes

13. Final Board Comments

Mr. Bourbonniere – congratulations to School-to-Career – Kids In the Middle Award; Mrs. Aiudi will be receiving an award from the Bristol United Way – Spirit of Giving; and the Leo Club at Terryville High School will be hosting the regional meeting on May 9, 2009.

Mr. Wetzel – many thanks to all the administrators for their hard work on this year’s budget and to the students at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School for our mugs.

Mr. Perguino – tonight’s presentation by Eli Terry Jr. Middle School was outstanding.

Mrs. Zalaski – Terryville High School Idol was great and everyone had a lot of fun; appreciate the use of the high school facilities; and the proceeds will go toward the after grad party.

Mrs. Kulesa – good luck to all students taking the CMT and CAPT tests.

Mr. Gentile – appreciate all of the work by administrators and board members on this years budget. The Plymouth Community seems to be uniting well. Unity brings connection.

Mr. Engle – Tonight’s presentation was excellent and he would not want to eliminate the Arts.

Dr. Distasio – Upon entering Mrs. Aiudi’s room at the end of last week at Terryville High School, Dr. Distasio observed students knitting preemie hats for babies and among those students was Mr. Nave, Plymouth’s Teacher of the Year. It is teachers such as Mr. Nave who bring a great sense of community throughout the school district. Just another reason why Mr. Nave was a perfect choice for Teacher of the Year.

14. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Engle stated that the next regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on March 11, 2009 at 7 p.m. at Terryville High School.

15. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m. Motion Patrick Perugino seconded
Gerard Bourbonniere motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Perugino

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