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Meeting Type: Board of Education Meeting
Terryville High School Cafeteria
Date: 2/9/2005 7:00:00 PM

Plymouth Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Terryville High School Cafeteria



Board: Roxanne Perugino, Patrick Perugino, Karen Kulesa, Daniel Gentile,

Lisa Moriarty, Patricia Budnick, and Raymond Engle

Excused Absence: Lisbeth Leonhardt and Velma McConnell

Administrators: Dr. Distasio, Gerry Perusse, Keith Rafaniello, Carol Doiron and

Peter Lovely


Mr. Perugino called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The group joined in the Pledge to the Flag.


MOTION: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Dan Gentile, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the minutes of January 12, 2005 . Motion Roxanne Perugino, seconded Ray Engle motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve the minutes of the Special Board of Education meeting of February 2, 2005 . Motion Ray Engle, seconded Dan Gentile motion passed unanimously.


There were two presentation made to the Board during the February meeting.

The Television Production Advisors of Plymouth 16 made a presentation to the Board. Their goal was to educate the Board and Town of Plymouth about the television production opportunities at Harry S. Fisher Middle and Terryville High Schools .

Participants included club advisors, middle and high school students.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 2 February 9, 2005

A video tape presentation on the use of inclusion at Main Street and Prospect Street Schools was made by Mr. Rascoe, Principal, Mr. Rafaniello, Director of Technology and faculty members to the Board of Education Members. The video presented various teaching strategies in which mainstream and special education students are serviced within the least restrictive environment - the regular classroom.




Board members received a letter from Mrs. Barbara Rockwell regarding her concern of the postponement of last month's presentation of the Plymouth 16 Television Production Club. A response was made with respect to those issues addressed in her letter.


The following Motion was made to approve Policy 4220 with regards to the evaluation, hiring, and rehiring of athletic coaches.

MOTION: To approve Policy 4220 concerning the evaluation, hiring, and rehiring of athletic coaches in response to Public Act 04-243. Motion Dan Gentile, seconded

Ray Engle, motion passed unanimously.


A. Notification of Resignations

Dr. Distasio accepted the resignation of A.J. Sirianni, Junior Varsity Baseball Coach at Terryville High School .

B. Appointments

MOTION: To appoint the following individuals: to the position of J.V. Softball Coach at Terryville High School, Mark Sconziano; to the position of Girls' Tennis Coach at Terryville High School, Angie Suffridge; to the position of Golf Coach at Terryville High School, Tom Morgan; to the position of Co-Track Coaches at Terryville High School, Ray Lapinski, Jeffrey Foulds and Philip Monteleone; and to the position of Varsity Baseball Coach at Terryville High School, Paul Helenski. Motion Dan Gentile, seconded

Patricia Budnick motion passed unanimously.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 3 February 9, 2005

C. Calendar Revision

MOTION: To approve the revised calendar for the 2005 - 2006 school year to include the following change: Following the December break, school will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2006 and the end of the school year will conclude on Monday, June 12, 2006. Motion Karen Kulesa, seconded Dan Gentile motion passed unanimously


• Curriculum - Karen Kulesa, Chair

The Curriculum Subcommittee met on February 2, 2005 . The following items were discussed: (1) Library materials/Textbook purchases - Julie Tracy, Library Media Specialist made a presentation on the condition of the book and research collections at the high school and textbook purchases were discussed; (2) Virtual High School - Richard Trudeau, technology teacher and Michael McGowan, guidance counselor are going to be trained as district site coordinators in March.

(3) Summer School - the final planning stages for high school summer school for grades 8, 9 and 10 are in the works. Thomaston agreed to direct their students to Plymouth and the Waterbury Arts Magnet School indicated they will accept our credits for students who attend their school. There is a struggle with grade 8 due to the cost and numbers of students. One solution would be to incorporate 7 & 8 or 6, 7 & 8. and (4) Dr. Distasio spoke briefly with regard to the goal setting process.

B. Facilities - Ray Engle, Chair

The Facilities Sub-Committee met on February 2, 2005 and discussed the following: the roof issues at Prospect Street and Main Street Schools ; the replacement of oil tanks at Plymouth Center , Prospect Street , Main Street and Harry S. Fisher Middle Schools and addressed the Fire Code Issues at Prospect Street , Main Street and Terryville High Schools .

Mr. Engle indicated the Phase 1 Plan for the new high school was accepted at a Special Meeting of the Board of Education on February 2, 2005 .

C. Finance - Patricia Budnick, Chair

The Finance Sub-Committee met prior to the Board of Education Meeting. The accounts by facilities report was reviewed and will be forwarded to the Town of Plymouth Board of Finance; as of February 1, 2005 the budget has been frozen; the first budget workshop took place on February 7, 2005; and a second workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1, 2005 at 6 p.m. at the Board of Education Offices, 77 Main Street , Terryville CT.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 4 February 9, 2005

D. Negotiations - Lisa Moriarty, Chair

No report at this time

E. Personnel - Roxanne Perugino, Chair

Mrs. Kulesa reported that the personnel sub-committee met with the Superintendent prior to the Board meeting and approved of all of his appointments.

F. Policy - Velma McConnell , Chair

No Report - Excused Absence

G. Safety & Transportation - Ray Engle, Chair

No Report at this time

H. Education Connection - Patricia Budnick

Education Connection had a review of the head start program. A meeting took place last Thursday and instructions were given as to what possible questions and answers would be needed for discussion. Four members from the Education Connection board met with the individuals from the federal level and peer groups for questions and answers as part of a review process.

I. Student Representatives

Cassandra Huizenga - absent

Sophia Sopczneski - Sports: Boys' Basketball record 8 - 7, home game against Nonnewaug on February 12, 2005; Girls' Basketball record 7-10, away game against Nonnewaug on February 12, 2005; and the wrestling team had a match against Portland this evening. Approximately 14 members of the Leo Club attended the annual Lions Club Mid-winter conference on February 5, 2005 . Students learned about leadership

Plymouth Board of Education Page 5 February 9, 2005

opportunities, socialized with other members and shared ideas. Kerchiefs are being made for cancer patients and their families.

Sean Link - Mrs. Macinaus' junior English class will be performing "Murder at the Terryvilla", a dinner theater play that they wrote themselves on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 . This will also be broadcast on Plymouth 16.


Mrs. Doiron , Director of Pupil Personnel/District Administrator in Charge

• Bravo to Mr. Rascoe, Mr. Rafaniello and the staff at Main Street & Prospect Street Schools.

• The district is scheduled for a compliance review by the state from March 7 - March 11. 2005. Mrs. Doiron to update Board members at the next meeting.

• A State Department of Education Parent Forum on "Least Restrictive Environment" for all parents of Special Education Students is scheduled for February 28, 2005 . (snow date March 2, 2005 ) from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. , Terryville High School Library.

Mr. Lovely - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

• All completed applications for Maloney & Rotella Interdistrict Magnet Schools are due on March 11, 2005 .

• Waterbury Arts Magnet School applications will be available on February 15, 2005 for grades 6 - 12.

• An Open House for the Waterbury Arts Magnet School is scheduled for:

• March 3, 2005 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

• March 5, 2005 10 a.m. - 12 noon

Please look for information on Channel 16 and the Board of Education website.

Mr. Rafaniello , Director of Technology

A special "thank you" to Ms. Block, Mrs. Tracy, Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Rascoe and Mrs. Aiudi for their time and dedication to the students of Terryville/Plymouth.

Mr. Perusse , Business Manager

The 2006 - 2007 budget is currently being worked on.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 6 February 9, 2005

Dr. Distasio , Superintendent

The following items were highlighted by Dr. Distasio:

Prospect Street School

• February 2 & 3, 2005 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

• February 14, 2005 - PTA to conduct its 3 rd enrichment program of the year entitled, "Math + Fun".

• March 4, 2005 - Family Bingo Night sponsored by the Parent Involvement Committee.

Main Street School

• February 11, 2005 - Family Bingo Night sponsored by the PTA

• February 14, 2005 - Literacy Enrichment Program entitled "Arithmetickles" at 9:30 a.m. sponsored by the PTA

Plymouth Center School

• February 11, 2005 - Family Dance

• February 18, 2005 - Enrichment program entitled "Pioneer Living" for K-5 students throughout the school day

• March 2, 2005 - "Read Across America" with guest readers beginning at 10 a.m.

Harry S. Fisher Middle School

• Congratulations to Zack Kaplan for winning the Fisher School Geography Bee. State Geography Bee finals will be held in April.

• Congratulations to Theodore Skoczylas and Adam Mozzer. These students placed 1 st and 2 nd in the Patriot's Pen Contest, sponsored by the Thomaston VFW Post 572. They received saving bonds of a $100 & $50 respectively.

Dr. Distasio informed parents that they should have received a copy of the No Child Left Behind District and School Reports for the 2002 - 2003 school year. The report will also be available on the school district web-site for the community within the next 21 weeks, once it is e-mailed to our district the State Department of Education.

A reminder: Winter Break will take place the week of February 21 - 25, 2005 .

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 February 9, 2005

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items


12. Business of the Board

Mrs. Perugino - Excused for the remainder of the meeting

Mrs. McConnell - Excused absence

Mrs. Leonhardt - Excused absence.

Mr. Engle - on behalf of the Friends of Music the following events are scheduled to take place: March 4, 2005 - Rock-A-Thon (fundraiser); April 28, 2005 - Concert; and

May 5 - 8, 2005 - Trip to Williamsburg .

Mrs. Budnick - complemented Mr. Rafaniello on a very good job.

Mrs. Moriarty - A speedy recovery was wished for Mrs. Baron and both presentations were enjoyable.

Mr. Gentile - A "thank you" to everyone for an excellent presentation.

Mrs. Kulesa - Both presentations were very enjoyable. She is hoping to apply some of the information from the video on inclusion to her own classroom.

Mr. Perugino - A great job was done on both presentations. Mr. Rafaniello brought to light many things. It's amazing what happens in a classroom throughout the school day.

13. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Perugino stated that the next Regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on March 9, 2005 at 7 p.m. , Terryville High School cafeteria.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 8 February 9, 2005

14. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 8:50p.m. Motion Ray Engle seconded

Lisa Moriarty, motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Velma McConnell


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