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Meeting Type:
Board of Education Meeting
Terryville High School Cafeteria
4/11/2007 7:00:00 PM

Plymouth Board of Education
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Terryville High School Cafeteria



Board: Michelle Spencer, Velma McConnell, Martin Wetzel, Patrick Perugino, Daniel Gentile, Lisbeth Leonhardt and Raymond Engle.

Excused Absences: Leonard Morgan and Jennifer Zalaski

Administrators: Dr. Distasio, Superintendent, Mr. Lovely, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Mr. Perusse, Business Manager, and Mr. Rafaniello, Director of Technology

Excused Absence: Ms. Doiron, Director of Pupil Personnel & Special Education


Mr. Engle called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The group joined in the Pledge to the Flag.


MOTION: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Martin Wetzel, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the minutes of March 14, 2006. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.


The presentation for the month was provided by students of Plymouth Center School. Mrs. Scappaticci introduced the video presentation which focused on writing across the grade levels and disciplines at Plymouth Center School. The video featured from the youngest to the oldest writers. Through the use of a video and staff commentary, staff showed what writing expectations are for each grade level and provided some examples of different types of writing instruction (rubrics, visual guides, mini-lessons, and conferences). The video presentation also featured some student samples of exemplary writing in narrative, expository and poetry.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 2 April 11, 2007




The School-to-Career Business Partnership Program will be receiving the “Special Initiative Award” on May 3, 2007 at the Lyceum in Terryville. The award is presented by the United Way of West Central Connecticut. The group acknowledges the Business Partnership Program and its valued impact in the community. Dr. Distasio congratulated our Business Partners and Mrs. Aiudi for directing such a wonderful program.




A. Appointment

MOTION: To approve the appointment of Mark Fowler to the position of Baseball Coach at Harry S. Fisher Middle School for the 2007 spring season.

Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Lisbeth Leonhardt motion passed unanimously.

B. Out-of-State Field Trips

MOTION: To approve the trip to New York City, New York to Yankee Stadium for grade 7 students on the White Team at Harry S. Fisher Middle School for May 10, 2007. This is a culminating activity for an integrated unit concerning the study of baseball. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Dan Gentile motion passed with an abstention from Velma McConnell.

MOTION: To approve the trip to Boston, Massachusetts for grade 6 band students at Harry S. Fisher Middle School to perform at the historic Quincy Market on June 8, 2007. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Velma McConnell motion passed with an abstention from Dan Gentile.
Plymouth Board of Education Page 3 April 11, 2007

C. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment List for the New High School

Architects, Steve Burgess and Emily Czarnecki from the firm of Jeter Cook & Jepson provided a presentation concerning furniture, fixtures and equipment for the new high school. Upon completion of their presentation, the following motion was made:

MOTION: To approve the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Plan as presented by the architects for the purpose of presentation to the Building Committee and the Bureau of School Facilities. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Dan Gentile motion passed unanimously.


A. Curriculum – Lisbeth Leonhardt, Chair

Mrs. Leonhardt reported that the Curriculum Subcommittee met on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. The following items were discussed: (1) Elementary Reading Support – Student progress was compared to last year. Indications showed students were making growth and initial results from the increased reading support were positive. (2) March CMT/CAPT Scheduling – All CMT and CAPT testing are complete. (3) Summer School Dates – Pre-K through 5: July 9 – 26, Monday through Thursday; Middle School and High School: July 5 through August 3, 2007. Classes will be held at Harry S. Fisher Middle School. (4) Science Curriculum- Texts and supplemental materials are in the process of being reviewed for the middle school science curriculum. (5) Kindergarten Registration – Kindergarten registration took place last week at Plymouth Center School and Prospect Street School. Each school registered 42 students for kindergarten. and (6) Magnet School Lottery – The lottery will take place on April 11, 2007 and parents will be notified on April16, 2007. Maloney: 25 applications Pre-Kindergarten – 16 applications; Kindergarten – 3 applications; Grade 1 – 2 applications; Grade 2 – 1applications, Grade 3 – 2 applications and – Grade 5 - 1 application.
Rotella – 4 applications – Pre-Kindergarten - 2 applications; Grade 1 – 1 application and Grade 4 – one application and Waterbury Arts Magnet School (WAMS) –
16 applications – Grade 6 – 7 applications, Grade 7 – 1 application, Grade 8 – 0 applications, Grade 9 – 5 applications, Grade 10 – 2 applications, Grade 11 – 0 applications, Grade 12 – 1 application.

B. Facilities – Daniel Gentile, Chair

No Report

Plymouth Board of Education Page 4 April 11, 2007

C. Finance – Daniel Gentile, Chair

The Finance Subcommittee met prior to the Board Meeting and reviewed the March Accounts by Facilities Report and will be forwarding the same to the Town of Plymouth Board of Finance.

D. Negotiations – Velma McConnell, Chair

The following contracts will be discussed in Executive Session: the Plymouth School Nurses’ Association contract; the contract extension of the Business Manager and the contract extension of the Superintendent.

E. Personnel – Patrick Perugino, Chair

Mr. Perugino reported that the Personnel Subcommittee met with the Superintendent prior to the Board meeting. All personnel matters were handled under new business.

F. Policy – Jennifer Zalaski, Chair (Excused Absence)

No Report

G. Safety & Transportation – Michelle Spencer, Chair

No Report

H. Education Connection – Velma McConnell

No Report

I. Student Representatives

Kaitlin Palance – April 12, 2007 – The Hard Truth: DUI Program @ Terryville High School @ 9:30 a.m.; April 25, 2007 – Women’s and Girls’ Forum @ the Lyceum; In Boys’ Volleyball, Terryville 3/Colby 1; and Boy’s Baseball Womogo 5/Terryville 0.

Anna Plotnikova – She thanked parents, students, teachers and Board of Education Members for their support and attendance at the Academic Bowl. Congratulations went out to the following students who participated in the Academic Bowl: Zack Ewen, Public Speaking; Stephanie Batters (first place) Poetry; Eric Dolecki, Music; and in the Bowl Challenge, Terryville High School tied for second place with St. Paul Catholic High School. The Blood Drive on March 26th was a success. Forty pints of blood were collected. Terryville High School Senior Prom will be held on May 19th at the Villa Rosa and the Junior Prom will take place on May 12th at the Whiting House in Plainville.

Robert Lutters – Spanish students will be leaving for Spain next week and on April 28th, at 6 p.m. the Leo Club will be hosting a Pasta Supper at Terryville High School. Tickets - $7 for Adults, $5 for students.
Plymouth Board of Education Page 5 April 11, 2007


Mrs. Doiron, Director of Pupil Personnel/District Administrator in Charge

Excused Absence – No Report

Mr. Lovely – Director of Curriculum and Instruction

No Report

Mr. Rafaniello, Director of Technology

Mr. Rafaniello thanked tonight’s crew for their help in broadcasting the Board of
Education Meeting. He also thanked the staff for their patience while the new e-mail was being introduced and to Mr. Trudeau, Jeff Telke and Mrs. McBaine for all the work they put into getting the new e-mail system up and running.

Mr. Perusse, Business Manager

On April 11, 2007, the bid opening for the roof at Main Street School took place. There were five bidders.

Mr. Perugino asked Mr. Perusse to follow-up on the chart listing the usage fee for the Terryville High School Gymnasium.

Dr. Distasio, Superintendent

Prior to the Board Meeting, Board of Education Members, Administrators and Student Representatives were treated to dinner by the Foods Class of Terryville High School. On behalf of the Board, Dr. Distasio thanked Mrs. Rioux, Mrs. Aiudi and students for a delicious meal. Especially, the pasta fagioli.

Dr. Distasio informed Board Members and the viewing public that the Budget Hearing for the town’s budget will be held on Monday, April 30, 2006 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. He encouraged all citizens and staff to attend and voice their opinion. Parents were urged to attend on behalf of their children.

Dr. Distasio congratulated the following Terryville High School students for their participation in the General Knowledge portion of the Academic Bowl held on Saturday, March 31, 2007: Sean Begin, Michael Budnick, Michael Malloy and Rebecca Wilcox.

Spring vacation will take place from April 16 – April 20th and currently the last day of school is June 15th, 2007.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 6 April 11, 2007

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items

Mrs. Sue Murawski, 143 Schroback Road, Plymouth – Mrs. Murawski questioned the lack of police presence at some basketball games. Dr. Distasio explained that we get police officers to big games, police presence can be seen at the larger more popular games. When no officer(s) is/are present there is always an administrator and at least three or four site supervisors at the games. There have been times when, because of the lack of police officers availability, we could not get one.

12. Board Liaisons to the Schools

Mrs. McConnell – Main Street/Prospect Street Schools

March 29th 5th grade at Main Street School began the D.A.R.E. program

April 26th 7 p.m. Reflections Program at Plymouth Center School Congratulations to all of the winners

Mrs. Zalaski – Terryville High School

Excused Absence – No Report

Mr. Engle – Plymouth Center School

Since Mr. Engle was unable to attend the Plymouth Center School PTA meeting he asked Mrs. Hotchkiss to report on the meeting. Congratulations to the Reflection Winners. Some dates to remember: April 10th, “Slapstick Science: final PTA enrichment program for this school year; April 27th & 28th Convention at the Clarion; May 8th – Volunteer Appreciation Meeting; Last PTA meeting will take place on June 5th, Pot Luck supper. The last enrichment program for the school year will be “Flight In Motion”.

Mr. Wetzel– SEPTA (Special Education PTA)

SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) is looking to increase their membership. Currently there are 38 members. Ideas for fundraisers are needed. The next SEPTA meeting will take on May 16th. This year’s convention will take place on April 27th & 28th at the Clarion.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 April 11, 2007

13. Final Board Comments (if any)

Mr. Perugino – Japanese classes are held every Wednesday night from 4:15 – 5:15 at the Maloney Magnet School. There is a fee for the class. Also, a trip to Japan for alumni is being planned for next June.

Mr. Engle - Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Academic Bowl. Thank you to the students of the Food Class at Terryville High School for a delicious meal. Congratulations to Mrs. Aiudi on the upcoming award at the 5th Annual Community Builders’ Reception on Thursday, May 3, 2007 at the Lyceum.

14. Executive Session

MOTION: To adjourn at 8:14 to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of negotiations of the Nurse’s Contract, Business Manager’s Contract and Superintendent’s Contract and to discuss the evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Lisbeth Leonhardt motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To re-enter into regulation session at 9:03 p.m. Motion Patrick Perugino, seconded Velma McConnell, motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: To approve the contract with the Plymouth School Nurse’s Association
with a 4.9% salary increase for each year from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2011. Motion Lisbeth Leonhardt, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: To approve the contract extension of the Business Manager with a 7.9% salary increase from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008. Motion Lisbeth Leonhardt, seconded Dan Gentile motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Perugino explained that the Superintendent is evaluated on a 5 point scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest score, in the following areas: Relationship with the Board, Community Relations, Staff and Personnel Relations, Educational Leadership and Personal Qualities. Each Board Member rates the Superintendent in these areas. As a result of the Board ratings, Mr. Perugino recommended the following:

MOTION: To approve the evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools that includes the following ratings: Relations with the Board, 4.16; Community Relations, 4.17; Staff and Personnel Relations, 4.05; Educational Leadership, 4.18; Business, Fiscal and Facilities Management, 4.18; and Personal Qualities, 4.2. Motion Velma McConnell, seconded Martin Wetzel motion passed unanimously.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 8 April 11, 2007

MOTION: To approve the contract extension of the Superintendent of Schools with a 4.9% salary increase from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2010. Motion Martin Wetzel, seconded Patrick Perugino motion passed unanimously.

16. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Engle stated that the next Regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on
May 19, 2007 at 7 p.m. at Terryville High School in the cafeteria.

17. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m. Motion Patrick Perugino seconded Velma McConnell, motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Perugino
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