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Meeting Type:
Board of Education Meeting
Terryville High School
5/9/2012 7:00:00 PM

event. Time 15 minutes 18 seconds.

  • May 31 Annual Scholarship Night @ THS
  • June 12, 13 & 14 Shortened Days, no lunches will be served.
  • June 14 Last day of school. Promotion exercises will be held at 10 a.m. for students at Eli Terry Jr. Middle School; Graduation for Terryville High School Seniors will take place at 7 p.m. at the high school.

11. Public Comments Regarding Agenda or Non-Agenda Items

Mrs. Roxanne Perugino, 82 Allen Street, Terryville, CT - Mrs. Perugino welcomed Mr. Gentile, congratulated Vannesa Kello, indicated it was a privilege and honor to serve on such a great Board of Education and that the Town is fortunate to have all of you.

Dr. Distasio commended her for doing such a great job for the students and on behalf of the Town and thanked her for her service. It was really appreciated.

12. Board Liaisons to Schools

Mr. Perugino– Harry S. Fisher Elementary School reported on the following:

2012 – 2013 PTA Officers

Miranda Hoadley President

Stacy Correia Vice-Chair

Heidi Coppola Vice-Chair

Heather Bukowski Treasurer

Kristi Colasanto Recording Secretary

  • May 18 Town Meeting
  • May 29 Pot Luck Supper/Meet & Greet – 6:30 p.m.
  • May 31 Spring Concert – 7 p.m.
  • June 2 Dedication of the Perugino Courtyard at 11 a.m. at Harry S. Fisher Elementary School
  • June 12 9 a.m. promotion exercises

Some other information: (a) the PTA made a donation to the Pasta Supper Fundraiser for Tony Norton; (b) $5,380.88 represents the amount of sales from the book fair; $800 went into the PTA Treasury, $1,090 scholastic dollars which is used for library furniture. The PTA received 5 awards from the State PTA Association (25% for member growth; student involvement; outside community members; 10% increase in membership and a male involvement award, and 120 bricks have been sold thus far.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 7 May 9, 2012


Mr. Bourbonniere – Terryville High School reported on the following:

Some items of Interest: Bottle Drive was a huge success, April - breakfast at Eagle’s Nest benefited the PTSA Scholarship Fund; 2 meetings this month, May 10th and May 24th.

  • May 11 Spring Extravaganza
  • May 12 Mother’s Day Flowers on the Plymouth Green
  • May 20 Car Show/Rain Date: June 3rd - $10 for participants and

Spectators are free

Mr. Engle – Plymouth Center School reported on the following:

No Report

Mr. Orsini – Eli Terry Jr. Middle School reported on the following:

April 12 Six New PTA Members recruited. These were parents of incoming 6th graders

May 3 PTA Meeting

Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast

May 4 Benefit Pasta Dinner for Tony Norton, Grade 7 science teacher

Grade 8 student’s field trip to Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island in NYC

May 8 Grade 6 & 7 dance from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

May 15 Mentor Picnic

May 16 Internet Safety Program

Band and Chorus Concerts @ THS

May 22 Grade 8 students participating in grade 9 orientation at THS from

9:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Parent orientation to take place in the evening.

May 24 Grade 7 students field trip to Natural History Museum in NYC

May 25 Grade 7 & 8 Chorus/Band performing at the Great East Festival

June 14 Grade 8 promotion ceremony @10 a.m.

August 29 Next Meeting at the middle school at 7 p.m.

NOTES: (a) the Enrichment Committee is looking into programs that address how children treat one another and promoting positive behavior; (b) school fundraiser for next year “Grandma’s Pies”; (c) Principal Travers is back on a part-time basis; and (d) beginning with the 2012 – 2013 school year the PTA will meet on the last Wednesday of each month.

PTA Officers for 2012 - 2013

Becky Theriault President Kristi Colasanto Secretary

Brandi Green Vice-President Darlene Oakes Treasurer

Stacy Correia Second Vice-President

Plymouth Board of Education Page 8 May 9, 2012


Mr. Berube – SEPTA reported on the following:

No Report – May 3rd meeting was cancelled and is rescheduled for May 17th at 6:30 p.m. at

Eli Terry Jr. Middle School

Mr. Santorso – CABE

Mr. Santorso congratulated the recipients of the CABE Student Leadership Award. At the CABE meeting a description of some of the groups attendance at the National School Boards Association Conference was discussed, the CABE Budget, and the new head administrators for the National School Boards Association and their general feel of the conference, addressing teachers performance, small adjustments to tenure, CABE paid off its mortgage, and the next meeting on June 6th @ 4 p.m. in Wethersfield.

Dr. Distasio – PTSA Council

No Report – Next meeting is on May 16th. Reflections Program on Monday, May 14th at Terryville High School.

13. Final Board Comments

Mr. Berube – Welcomed Mr. Gentile; Thank you to Mrs. Perugino, praised Mr. Perkins for an outstanding job with the Drama Club and thanked the student representatives on the Board for doing an outstanding job.

Mr. Engle – Congratulations to the student representatives on the Board who are seniors and good luck, Mr. Perkins, great job, Danny welcome back and Roxanne I’m sure we’ll see you around.

Mr. Orsini – Welcome back Danny, you are an inspiration. Roxanne, it’s been a pleasure working with you. Congratulations to Mr. Perkins and the Drama Club for a super job and the student performing “Over the Rainbow” excellent. Congratulations to the 4 students who were recipients of the CABE Student Leadership Award and congratulations to Mr. Sandshaw for doing an excellent job.

Mr. Gentile – I’m glad to be back on the Board again. Presentation from the Drama Club was excellent.

Mr. Santorso – Welcome to Mr. Gentile and thank you to the student representatives on the Board.

Plymouth Board of Education Page 9 May 9, 2012


Mr. Wetzel – Welcome back Dan, Roxanne it has been a pleasure working with you, Mr. Perkins, what I saw tonight was fantastic, congratulations to the senior representatives on the Board that will be leaving, hopes everyone is safe during prom night and please come and support the car show.

Mr. Bourbonniere – Mr. Perkins, great job with the Drama Club; Mr. Sandshaw thank you for the money you have saved us, welcome Danny, Roxanne thank you very much for your dedication to the community; thank you to Mrs. Macinaus for a great dinner; Leo’s donated $250 to Mr. Norton’s fundraiser and 30 pounds of pasta for that event; Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation donated $200 to the eye screening program; Congratulations to Bethany Grimes and the forms for the after grad party will be going out, they need to be completed by the student and properly signed by the parent(s). If the form is not properly completed, the student will not be able to board the bus.

Mrs. Kulesa – Thank to our students representatives best of luck to you next year wherever it may take you; Roxanne I look forward to seeing you in a more personal venue; and welcome back Dan I’ve worked with you in the past and look forward to working with you in the future.

Mr. Perugino – Welcome Back, Dan; thank you to Mrs. Radke for being involved on the Juvenile Review Board; Mr. Sandshaw keep up the good work; Mr. Perkins just a wonderful show, great job with the students and the program and on May 5th at the Business Partners Meeting, Dr. Distasio was award the Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow Award. The Terryville Rotary Club will donate $1,000 to the foundation in honor of Dr. Distasio. To the student representatives, it was wonderful to have you on the Board. The dinner for Mr. Norton was very well attended.

Mr. Ferreira, Liaison - From the Town Council and himself it’s nice to see Mr. Gentile back on the Board.

14. Next Regular Board Meeting

Mr. Perugino stated that the next regular Board of Education Meeting will be held on

June 13, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Terryville High School.

15. Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Motion Raymond Engle seconded Anthony Orsini, motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Gerard Bourbonniere


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