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Vision and Goals

Plymouth Board of Education


The mission of the Plymouth Public Schools is to Challenge, Inspire, and Prepare all students for success in an ever-changing and complex world.


The Plymouth Board of Education has developed a plan to address the needs of the Plymouth School District. This plan is based on a resulting Vision for our students, a Mission Statement,Core Values and Beliefs and identified Board of Education Goals. These precepts are the basis for our District Improvement Plan, School Improvement Plans, and staff goals and objectives. It includes an accountability system to monitor progress toward achieving these goals and objectives.


To realize the vision, the Plymouth Board of Education is to provide leadership so that all students emerge from our school district as productive citizens who:

  • Conduct themselves ethically and with integrity;

  • Appreciate individual differences within a diverse society;

  • Demonstrate mastery of the 21st Century skills required of students in the Connecticut public education system;

  • Demonstrate key elements of complex communication;

  • Think creatively and critically with the ability to problem-solve;

  • Develop healthy habits;

  • Contribute economically to society through a selected profession; and

  • Actively participate in community initiatives.



*ALL children can learn and ALL educators are responsible for the achievement of ALL students. 

*On-going communication between the home and school is an essential component of a student’s successful educational experience. 

*Mutual respect and cooperation among the school community promotes a safe, orderly and positive learning environment. 

*Instructional and assessment techniques are a constantly evolving process which involve using all appropriate, available data, resources, and best practices to improve student learning.

*Members of our educational community are passionate learners who are enthusiastic, caring and committed to the enhancement of teaching and learning.


  • Students will demonstrate a mastery of core subject matter and apply their essential learning and critical thinking skills to achieve academic excellence.

  • Students will demonstrate mastery of all essential skills, needed to participate successfully in the 21st century global economy.

  • Students will exhibit healthy life choices (wellness).

  • Students will use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, for a variety of purposes.

  • Students will demonstrate social responsibility by providing for the needs of the greater community and by developing civic literacy.
  • Students will be able to understand, negotiate and balance diverse views and beliefs in order to reach workable solutions.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to manage goals and time, work independently, and be self-directed learners.

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